Volunteers for Divisionals in the Woodlands

    Happy Sunday Parents! 

    Well, here we are...the last week of the season! It has been such a wonderful swim season!! It feels as though we just started! I am so proud of each and every Cuda swimmers and parents! Thank you for all your help! 

    With that being said, I will need lots of HELP for Friday night Load Up and volunteers for Divisionals! Divisionals is setup in 3 shifts. Each team is responsible for so many volunteer positions. When you go to sign up, please make note that there there is just a few positions for each shift. It is VERY important that every Cuda is there to swim and parents, when you sign up to volunteer, please make sure to show up to work your position! We will be sending an email out later in the week about all the information needed for Divisionals. 

    Remember to sign your child up for Divisionals. This MUST be done by Tuesday night by 10pm. Every Cuda counts.

    Parents, here is a chance to earn your missing volunteer points. Because of the importance of the job, we have a higher point value to these jobs. Remember, you need to have at least 30points! Please check your point value under "Manage Account". Every thing opens up at 7pm tonight! If you have any questions, please email me at court.newell@gmail.com. 

    Have a great last week of swim practice! 


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