From Coach Leane

    Dear Cuda Athletes and Parents,

    This past Saturday we had many Cudas missing for a variety of reasons. We lost the meet. Now we need to get back on track as a team and work together once again. This Saturday is our BIG competition. Lets all come together ready to show them that we can work as a TEAM. We can ALL show up ready to RACE!! Yes, it will be hot. Everybody there will be hot. Yes, it will be a long day, but we will be ready. Bring your ice chest filled with cool drinks and healthy snacks. Every Cuda does count. Make sure that you are there ready to be a part of your team.

    Coach Leane


    Registration for the Divisional Meet is now open. Please register your swimmers ASAP so Coach Leane can plan our strategy to be DIVISION CHAMPIONS again this year!! 

    GO CUDAS!!


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