Spirit Week!!

    Hello Cudas and welcome to the final week of our 2018 season! We will have some fun at practice this week building up to our huge Championship WIN on Saturday!! Have you registered yet??

    Our "official" Coach Appreciation Day will be on Wednesday, but you are welcome to bring tokens of your appreciation any day this week.

    Below is a short list of favorite things for each of our Coaches:

    Coach Leane’s favorite things:

    1) Sports team (other than Cudas) ?
    2) Hobby- gardening
    3) Color- turquois and pink (fav nail colors purple and blue)
    4) Treat -chilled white wine
    5) Restaurant- loves to grill at her house the most
    6) Gift card-Starbucks
    7) Thing you do in your free time or to relax- gardening, float in pool with cool glass of wine

    Coach Heidi’s favorite things:

    1) Sports team (other than Cudas) Texans
    2) Hobby- running
    3) Color- green
    4) Treat -protein bars (power crunch is my favorite)but love them all
    5) Restaurant- Papasitos or Chick-fil-A
    6) Gift card-Starbucks or chick-fil-A
    7) Thing you do in your free time or to relax- sleep (lol) pedicure or massage

    Coach ArQuez’s favorite things:

    1)Sports team: Colts (football)

    2)Hobby: exercises

    3)Color: Blue

    4)Treat: Creme Savers

    5)Restaurant: Benihana hannas

    6)Gift card: Visa

    7)Thing you do to relax: music dances


    TUESDAY - Tie Dying will happen!! Morning and evening practices,

    WEDNESDAY - Dress Super Hero-ish to swim! Morning and evening practices,

    THURSDAY - Swim in your Pajamas! Morning and evening practices.

    FRIDAY - Wear jeans and see who swims the fastest! Morning practice only.

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