Only 3 more volunteer positions to fill!!

    Happy Friday Cudas!!! 

    We only have 3 more volunteer positions that need filling! Please sign up to fill one of these positions! I need 2 people for shift 2 ( crowd control and water runner) and 1 more 3rd shift (water runner) Who is going to be my Volunteers to step up to fill these positions??? When we show up tomorrow morning, I would like to have all positions filled! By the 7am, we are going to have a volunteer circle in time! Yep.that's right! It is at the same time that your swimmer's are circling in!  I will need everyone that is volunteering to come check in with me to get their stickers and know where they need to check in at! 

    Please make sure you are on time tomorrow morning! Get everything ready tonight so that the only thing you have to do is grab your swimmer and drive! 

    Parents....another reminder that all swimmers need to stay in their age designated tents! This is very important for the tent parents to know where the swimmers are and tent parents make sure all your swimmers are checked in with you! 

    Tomorrow will be a fun and exciting day! I am so proud of our team and know that we will help and cheer on all the swimmers! I hope everyone gets a good night's sleep and remember every CUDA counts! 

    See ya in the morning! Bright and early!!!


    Gooooo CUDAS!!! 

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